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Study plan

Here you can find the International Finance and Economics study plan for Academic Year 2017/18

Study plan

Curriculum International Finance and Economics
First year ECTS
I Semester
Mathematical methods for economics and finance (mod. A) 3
Investments analysis and Financial risk management 6
International trade law and WTO rules (theory) (applied) 6
Economic policy and Financial crisis 6
Advanced english 6
Research seminars 3
II Semester
Investments analysis and Financial risk management 6
Advanced international trade 6
Mathematical methods for economics and finance (mod. B) 6
Economic policy and Financial crisis 3
International Marketing (mod.a) (mod.b) 9
Totale ECTS I year 57
Second Year ECTS
I Semester
International contract law and investors law (contract law) (investors law) 12
Portfolio theory 6
II Semester
Financial analysis and Budgeting and cost accounting (analysis and accounting) (budgeting and cost accounting) 12
Total ECTS II year 30
Extra-Curricular Activities 9
International Internship 6
Final Exam/Thesis Dissertation 18
Total ECTS 120


Students who can't carry out the International Internship may apply to conduct a research activity under the supervision of a teacher of the course. Here the application form.