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Research Themes

Political Economy

Italian economy structure in comparison with the European economy
Growth of inequalities in the distribution of income and capitalism
Agent-based modelling
Monetary theory and policy
International monetary economics.
Central Banking
Financial Economics and Financial Crisis
Applied Time Series Econometrics and Forecasting
Network Analysis
Corruption and economic growth

Ethnic fragmentation, public procurement, fertility, fiscal evasion, and environment regulation

International Political Economy

Gravity models applied to trade and migration flows
Causal models for impact evaluation in presence of interference

Network Analysis

Economic Policy

Social costs of capitalism,
Theory of economic policy
Institutionalist thought
Multisectoral models
Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) models
Social Accounting Matrix (SAM)
Health Care Policies
Environmental Policies
Income Distribution
Fiscal Policy

Fiscal Federalism

Public Economics

Public finance and economics
Public goods
Economics of taxation
Public and non-profit governance
Economic regulation
Radio spectrum management

Transportation economics

History of Economic Thought

The Italian economic thought between the nineteenth and the twentieth centuries

Classical and Marxian economics

Economic Geography

Environmental balance and sustainable development
Human activities and transformation of landscape
Urban geography
Geography of Iberian, Latin-American and other Spanish influenced areas

Nationalist movements, boundary lines, borderlands and international recognition of sovereign States

Business Administration

Accounting and balance sheet
Generally accepted accounting principles
Financial accounting and accounting standards
Business valuation
Economic and financial communication
Public sector accounting and financial reporting (central government, local governments, universities)

Accounting history

Strategic Management

Innovation and company performance
Planning and control
Supply chain
Public management
Waste management
Circular economy
Networking companies
Bankruptcy prediction models
Earnings Management & Earnings Manipulation
Social entrepreneurship, social enterprises & social entrepreneurs
Social innovation

Business Models of Italian Enterprises

Business Management

Cultural tourism development
Tourist perception on sustainable tourism
Innovations in hospitality governance and management
The business models of Italian companies operating abroad
Firms in the business-to-business sector
The country of origin effect in high cultural distance markets
Marketing and intercultural negotiation
Cooperation Opportunities Europe - China in the fields of renewable energies
Cooperation Opportunities Europe - China in areas related to health

The textile and clothing sectors: internationalization, branding, innovation, distribution

Banks and Financial Intermediaries

Regulation of bank's capital
Risk management in a bank
Rating agencies
Institutional investors, household’s finance, financial risk tolerance
Gender, entrepreneurial ecosystem
Portfolio allocation (risk and asset management)
Performance attribution and capital structure of REITs
Real Estate Finance
Bank Lending and trade finance
Coherent Risk Measures and Portfolio Selection Models
Credit Risk, Default Probability and Credit Scoring Models
Markets and Real Estate Investment Trust
Impairment Test for Intangible Assets and Disclosure in the Banking Industry
Banking Competition and Switching Cost
Illegal Finance
Banks Productivity

Business Performance Analytics in the Banking Industry

Mathematical Finance

Quantitative models for economics and finance
Dynamic stochastic optimization
Networks and complex systems
Optimization, Dynamic Optimization and Robust Optimization
Numerical Methods
Artificial Neural Network


Statistical Models

Mixture models
Monte Carlo Markov Chain methods
Discrete choice models
Spatial models

Categorical data analysis

Mathematical Methods for Economic Theory

Complex dynamics in non-linear cobweb models with infinite memory expectations
Complex dynamics in neoclassical growth models with differential saving
Existence of compact global attractors in quasi-linear non-autonomous difference equations
Asset pricing models with heterogeneous agents and wealth dynamics
Local and global dynamics in Bertrand duopoly
Population dynamics and growth

Overlapping generation models with exogenous and endogenous longevity

Constitutional and Public Law

Constitution of the Italian Republic
Theory of Government
Government, public administrations, regions
Direct Democracy


Administrative Law

Normative sources

Public finance

Civil Law

Contract and unilateral act
European Contract Law
Consumer Law
Family Law

Inheritance law

Commercial Law

Corporate law
Company law
Italian bankruptcy law in comparison with the European law

Bank regulation