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Percorso di studio internazionale - International program

Second level degree program in


curriculum in


academic year 2018/2019



Prof. Massimo Biasin

Educational goals

The Master Course in International Finance and Economics aims to develop advanced theoretical and practical competences that will allow graduate students to work in a wide range of international contexts. The course of study includes, among others, the following topics: International economics, International Marketing, International financial, markets, International investment management, Capital budgeting and financial management, International trade legislation, Quantitative methods for economics and finance.

All classes will be taught in English. Adequate language skills are required. Introductory English language classes will be offered in order to ensure a proper class participation. Classes will be integrated with Guest Speaker Lectures and Seminars so as to combine theoretical and operational competences. International internship is mandatory. In that respect, the Master Course will provide a list of selected corporate partners.

Our international students' point of view: youtube video (see Eva, Akheem, Wenyi)

Career opportunities

The Master Course provides a wide range of employment opportunities:

  • Banks & Financial Intermediaries
  • Asset Management Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Consulting & Auditing Companies
  • Export Oriented & International Companies
  • International Trade Agencies
  • Central Banks
  • International Organizations
  • Universities
  • Research Centers


Admission to the 2nd level degree program in Mercati e Intermediari Finanziari, curriculum International Finance and Economics (IFE) is subject to the possession of a 1st cycle degree or equivalent bachelor achieved in legally recognized institutions, in Italy or abroad.
The academic curriculum should be coherent with the learning objectives of the International Finance and Economics course.
Candidates should also prove to possess knowledge of English language.

Starting from a.y. 2018-2019, students who want to apply for the International Finance and Economics course and have a qualification issued by a non-Italian High School or University are required to apply through the following procedure:

An academic committee will check your information and, in case of positive verdict, you will soon receive by e-mail a pre-admission letter in order to carry on the pre-enrollment procedure at the Italian Consulate in your country.

Enrollment rules are shown here: enrolment for international students

For more details about entry requirements, enrollment and student life you can read this guide

Study plan

Curriculum International Finance and Economics
First year ECTS
I Semester
Mathematical methods for economics and finance (mod. A) 3
Investments analysis and Financial risk management 6
International trade law and WTO rules 6
Economic policy and Financial crisis 6
Advanced english 6
Research seminars 3
II Semester
Investments analysis and Financial risk management 6
Advanced international trade 6
Mathematical methods for economics and finance (mod. B) 6
Economic policy and Financial crisis 3
International Marketing 9
Totale ECTS I year 57
Second Year ECTS
I Semester
International contract law and investors law 12
Portfolio theory 6
II Semester
Financial analysis and Budgeting and cost accounting 12
Total ECTS II year 30
Extra-Curricular Activities 9
International Internship 6
Final Exam/Thesis Dissertation 18
Total ECTS 120

Contacts &

Tutoring service



Tuition fees


Duration : 2 years

Minimum tuiton fees for international students is 156 euros

Maximum tuition fees for international students is 758 euros

Tax Reduction


The University of Macerata has got a Residence management service where international students can ask for accommodation.

The students who aim at enrolling in one of the Courses can send an e-mail ( to the ERSU Office (Regional Agency for Students’ Services) to get more information about deadlines and calls for application to apply for a room in the university residences.

The price range for a room in a University residence or in a private flat in Macerata is:

- for a double room: 150,00 to 200,00 Euros per month per person.

- for a single room: 180.00 to 230,00 Euros per month per person.

Further information:



- Invest your talent in Italy


- MAE Scholarships

- UNIMC scholarships for deserving international students (n. 7 scholarships)



  • The International Relations Office (IRO) is the first and main reference point for all international students who would like to study at the University of Macerata
  • We cooperate with many universities in Europe and in the world within research and international cooperation programmes. Non-European Exchange programmes outside Europe include countries such as: Albania, Australia, Belarus, Canada, Russian Federation, Ukraine and the U.S.A.. We also run two Summer Programmes with the University of Princeton (USA) and Murdoch University (Australia).

Read more at UNIMC IRO Office



This section shows the services provided by the University of Macerata to support both students during university and recent graduates entering the labour market. Here you can access useful information concerning how and where to find help during your university career and in the period immediately following graduation.

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