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Please read carefully the information below on the steps to take in order to apply for IFE.

For enquiries, contact:

If you are a citizen resident abroad REQUESTING VISA:


Applicants to our postgraduate degree program must hold at least a three-year (BA level) degree and a B2 level CEFR of English knowledge (please have a look to ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS). 

Applicants requesting VISA who want to check if they meet the admission requirements must submit the PRE-ADMISSION APPLICATION in the dedicated online application portal.

The following is a list of documents that MUST be submitted in order to process the preadmission application:

  • Curriculum vitae (preferably a  European format one available at
  • Scanned copy of the degree certificate including final grade, date, list of courses attended and the exams passed with the corresponding grades;
  • A certificate of advanced English knowledge (this certificate is not required for those who obtained a degree from a university whose classes, not including language classes, were taught in English);
  • Copy of a currently valid official ID document (passport or identity card).

The IFE PRE-ADMISSION COMMITTEE will evaluate the pre-admission online applications complete with the required documents and submitted through the portal according to the established calendar.

The response of the IFE Commission will be sent to the applicants by email. 
Eligible foreign candidates will also receive by e-mail a pre-admission letter in order to carry on pre-enrollment procedures at the Italian Consulate.


From a.y. 2020/21, in order to start the procedure to obtain the visa, accepted candidates of study courses at University of Macerata need to submit their visa applications using the UNIVERSITALY portal. Within the UNIVERSITALY portal there will be all the information for the completion of visa purpose pre-applications, aimed at facilitating the access of candidates to university courses and related institutions. Students who are regularly pre-admitted with the status of “accepted” must pay attention to upload on the UNIVERSITALY portal the same documentation for which they have already been positively evaluated by the University of Macerata. The University will validate weekly your request.
The subsequent phases will be completed at the relevant Diplomatic-consular missions for the purpose of obtaining the study visa. The procedures for issuing these visas must be concluded within the deadline established yearly.

The 2021/2022 pre-enrolment procedure through the online portal UNIVERSITALY will start in springtime, following the publication of the 2021/2022 procedures by the Italian government at this webpage:

The pre-enrolment procedure is a process parallel to the visa application procedure, whose each Italian diplomatic authority is solely responsible

UPON ARRIVAL IN MACERATA : If you are an international students requesting VISA, you must apply for an EU residence permit for study reasons within 8 days of your arrival in Italy. Our offices will guide you in the procedure. To know more about it please have a look to the VISA AND POLICE REGISTRATION PAGE.


From August to October 2019 on the basis of the University students regulations, applicants must fill out the online application form to register at the University of Macerata and take to the University Registrar’s office the following documents:

  • Dichiarazione di valore in loco (Certificate of Equivalence of Qualification) indicating that you have completed a total of 15 years of schooling prior to attending a master's degree program  or Diploma Supplement or certification released by ENIC-NARIC Centers
  • 2 passport-sized photos, one of which certified
  • Your qualification awarded by a university or your post-secondary qualification awarded by a non-academic higher education institution enabling you to proceed to the subsequent level of education in the country where it is issued (or certified copy)
  • Transcript, issued by the competent academic authority, which records all the subject courses/exams included in the curriculum of your 1st cycle H.Ed. qualification and syllabi of the individual subject courses covered by your 1st cycle H.Ed. qualification; they should provide details on the number of credits allotted to each discipline and the credits needed for the awarding of the final qualification, or on the weekly/yearly hours for all teaching-learning activities (theory and practice). If you submit a Diploma Supplement for admission to a second cycle degree, you are not required to submit the transcript of records or the syllabus.
  • Copy of the Permesso di soggiorno (Residence permit) issued by the competent Italian police office (this concerns only non-Eu citizens legally living in Italy). This permit is to be applied for within 8 days of arrival in Italy.Students are required to deliver the residence permit application receipt first, then, having collected the residence permit card, they must hand in a copy as soon as possible, exhibiting the original document to the University Registrar’s office. For further information, visit the Italian Immigration website
  • Copy of English language certificate (this certificate is not required for those who obtained a degree from a university whose classes, not including language classes, were taught in English)
  • Copy of the receipt of payment of the first installment of the tuition fees.

Degree/diploma - as well as all related documents that are issued by a foreign authority or that are in a foreign language different from Italian - must be submitted along with a legal translation into Italian. The translation must be certified by the relevant Italian diplomatic representation abroad. English versions of transcripts and sillabi do not require a translation into Italian.

The documentation handed in by the applicant does not allow for direct access/admission to Laurea Magistrale (Second cycle degree/Two-year Master), as the University must also assess if the degree/diploma/certificate owned by the applicant can qualify for the application. As required by current Italian law, in order to enroll in a second cycle degree program, the applicant must have completed a total of 15 years of schooling prior to attending a master's degree program. You are required to verify that you have completed the 15 years of schooling before pre-enrolling.

Admission to IFE is contingent upon verification by the competent Academic Offices of validity of academic qualifications for registration and acceptance of the candidate onto the course. Should any academic gap in any relevant area for the admission is evaluated, students are required to fill in these gaps, by studying the assigned readings for each area and, upon their arrival at the University of Macerata, pass interview(s) with the referee(s). More information here: ACADEMIC GAPS